What Is Proof Of Work (POW)


Jake Morr


August 25, 2023

Proof of Work (PoW) is a consensus mechanism in Bitcoin that requires participants to perform computational tasks to validate transactions and create new blocks. PoW addresses the Byzantine Generals' Problem at its core, ensuring trustworthy decentralized consensus. Participants, known as miners, solve complex mathematical problems; the first to succeed gets to add a block to the blockchain, receiving Bitcoin as a reward. This mining process regulates Bitcoin's emission rate and enhances security. PoW consumes significant energy, fortifying the blockchain against spam and malicious attacks and upholding Bitcoin's claim as one of the most secure networks.

The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole 🕳️ 🐇

Money is technology that allows for the exchange of value through time & space.

Don't understand Bitcoin? I wrote this article to cover the basics.

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