Jake Morr

"I am become Hope, destroyer of Nihilism."

Jake is an orange-pilled marketer with an affinity for good work and value-driven communication. He is the founder, editor, contributor for Wotterdog, freelance content strategy consultant, and SEO writer for hire.

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Text LinkAirbnb Bust

"Cities like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago are trying to outright ban Airbnb..."

Text LinkHousing As A Human Right

"If housing or air conditioning is free, instead of an instrument of profit, who is going to build it?"

Text LinkGreen Energy Bailout

"Expect soaring electric bills draining family budgets, more inflation, and even more government nagging to turn down the thermostat."

Text LinkChina Surpassing the U.S.

"China channeled trillions to politically favored industries..."

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The natural reaction for both the Japanese and Chinese governments is to sell U.S. debt to soak up their declining currencies...

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Bitcoin is monetary technology; a system consisting of a ledger and its own native currency...

Text LinkWhat Is Money?

Money is technology for communicating value...

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Here's how to get started with BTC faucets and rewards...

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Coastal views, old growth redwood forests, and scenic beaches...

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Hiker/biker campsites are for those who walk or pedal into the campground...

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