What Is A Block Header?


Jake Morr


August 25, 2023

A concise summary attached to each Bitcoin block, providing essential details about that block. The block header contains:

  • Block Height: Indicates the sequence of this block in the blockchain.
  • Block Hash: A unique identifier for the block, acting as its Proof-of-Work.
  • Previous Block Hash: Ensures the integrity of preceding blocks by linking to the prior block's hash.
  • Timestamp: Notes the date and time the block was added.
  • Merkle Root: Represents a hashed summary of all transactions in the block.
  • Difficulty: Specifies the block's mining difficulty.
  • Nonce: A random number aiding in the mining process.

Primarily, miners hash the block header when validating a block, optimizing efficiency, and promoting transaction processing.

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