Don't Trust, Verify


Jake Morr


August 24, 2023

"Don't Trust, Verify" is a foundational mantra within the Bitcoin community emphasizing the value of self-verification over blind trust. In traditional financial systems, users rely on banks and other institutions, trusting them to manage and report their funds accurately. However, Bitcoin offers a revolutionary approach, enabling individuals to verify transactions on the blockchain themselves. The phrase underscores the shift from relying on third parties to a system where anyone can validate their transactions. This empowerment is facilitated by running one's own Bitcoin node, a program that checks the integrity of past transactions, ensuring transparency and eliminating the need for trust.


The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole 🕳️ 🐇

Money is technology that allows for the exchange of value through time & space.

Don't understand Bitcoin? I wrote this article to cover the basics.

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