Yoga For Back Health


Jake Morr


September 16, 2023

Yoga provides a holistic approach to managing back pain by enhancing blood flow, improving mobility, and strengthening key muscle groups. Specific poses can target the core, which alleviates stress on the back when strengthened. Yoga also helps loosen tight hip flexors, which can contribute to back discomfort. With its focus on flexibility and strength, yoga offers a multifaceted solution for both upper and lower back pain, making it an accessible and effective option for people seeking relief.

Yoga For Back Health

I recently took my first step towards improving my back health through yoga. With my laptop work and new gym routine adding stress to my back, I turned to a 15-minute "Yoga for Lower Back Pain" video by Yoga With Adriene. I used a blanket in a small room I'm renting, which made my practice a little less graceful than if I had a yoga mat, but the experience was nonetheless enriching.

Being somewhat out of practice, I was grateful that I hadn't lost all my prior flexibility and strength. My upper and lower back have been areas of mild concern, especially since I started going to the gym again and I have taken up more cycling for my commute. Although beneficial for overall health, these activities can put a lot of strain on the back if not counterbalanced with proper stretching and strengthening exercises.

I followed about 70% of the video's routine and allowed myself the freedom to move in ways that felt good to my body. It was refreshing to listen to my body's needs and adapt my movements accordingly. The session was a fantastic break from my work and gave me a refreshing sense of well-being. I was reminded of the profound impact that even a short yoga routine can have on the body and the mind.

I'm excited to make this a regular practice, aiming to focus specifically on yoga exercises that benefit my back. The session offered immediate relief and instilled in me a sense of optimism about the long-term health benefits that a consistent yoga routine can offer.

In just 15 minutes, I took a meaningful step towards better back health. It's a small time investment for what could be a lifelong payoff in comfort and well-being. With the immediate benefits I felt and the promise of long-term relief, I am motivated to make yoga a daily routine, focusing on poses that are beneficial for my back.‍