Jake Morr, Content Marketer For Hire

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Rates & Services

Based out of Los Angeles, California—I'm offering consulting and freelance services and am open to 3-6 month contracts or salaried roles.

$75/Hour (21% off if you pay me in Bitcoin)

  • Consulting: A 1-hour video call about content marketing for your business, followed by a summary write-up.
  • Content Strategy: Creating a content audit and strategy grounded in systems engineering and backed by years of SEO experience.
  • Bitcoin Explained: A 1-hour video call in which I explain what Bitcoin is and why your business should consider an allocation for long-term wealth preservation.
  • Blog Web Design: Need to spin up a  Squarespace, Substack, or Ghost blog like this? Let me help! I can build basic sites on most platforms and offer consulting on larger projects—like building a custom blog with Webflow.

$50/Hour (21% off if you pay me in Bitcoin)

  • SEO Writing: I offer not only high-quality writing but also, with seven years of experience in SEO, writing that is inherently aligned with an overarching SEO strategy. I'm a two-for-one deal (Blog Writer + SEO Specialist).
  • Podcast to Blog Post Conversion: I will create summary blog posts from your podcast episodes.


  • General Copywriting: This covers everything that doesn't fall under SEO-oriented tasks—social posts, ad copy, taglines, scripts, press releases, etc.

Salary & Contract Roles Of Interest (In-House)

  • Marketing Systems Engineer — FT
  • Marketing Director (or Assistant) — FT
  • Marketing Manager — FT
  • Blog Manager — FT
  • Social Media Manager — FT
  • SEO Specialist — PT
  • Blog Writer — PT
  • Project Manager — PT
  • Social Media Coordinator — PT

Salary & Contract Roles Of Interest (Agency)

  • Marketing Systems Engineer — FT
  • Content Strategist — FT
  • Brand Strategist — FT
  • Blog Writer — PT
  • SEO Specialist (Hired Muscle) — PT
  • Paid Media — PT

About Me

I'm a seasoned content strategist with seven years of SEO experience. Inspired by systems engineering, I offer a holistic approach to content marketing that minimizes the misallocation of time and resources.

Marketing Thoughts (Read/Listen)

Check out Jake's content marketing blog, Studio Layer One (SL1), where he breaks down topics and ideas to help future-proof your business.