Rates & Services

*Discount offered if you schedule 2 or more sessions a week.

Neighborhood Walks

1 Day Per Week
  • 30 Min Walk—$28
  • 60 Min Walk—$40
  • 90 Min Walk—$50
2+ Days Per Week
  • 30 Min Walk—$22
  • 60 Min Walk—$34
  • 90 Min Walk—$44


*Transportation not provided. Pickup location must be near hiking location.

1 Day Per Week
  • Griffith Park (90 Min)—$54
  • Griffith Park (120 Min)—$60
2+ Days Per Week
  • Griffith Park (90 Min)—$48
  • Griffith Park (120 Min)—$54


1 Day Per Week
  • 30 Min Sessions—$28
2+ Days Per Week
  • 30 Min Sessions—$22

Dog Sitting

Going on vacation? Have a big event? If you need someone to watch your pup, I offer dog sitting on a case-by-case basis. Let me know your situation, and we can negotiate on a price that works for both of us.

Additional Charges

  • Second Dog—$8
  • Holidays—$10


I often bring a camera and to snap a couple photos. This is no extra charge, although tips are appreciated!

Payments Accepted

Cash, Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin*

*If you're curious about how or why, feel free to ask.