About Me

My name is Jake. I'm a freelance marketer who started offering dog walking and sitting services to improve my work-life balance. It's the perfect break from my laptop and a great way to connect with the neighborhood.

Experience With Dogs

Between family, friends, and my neighborhood growing up—dogs have always been a large part of my life. And while I am not a dog owner myself, I am a "puppy uncle" to a Wheaten Terrier and a German Short Hair Pointer—two boys with a ton of energy.

I am through and through a dog person who understands that these animals are more than pets—they're family!


I'm responsible, communicate well, and will accommodate your existing training preferences and practices.

While not a trainer, I understand leash training basics and take pride in my situational awareness, allowing me to handle various scenarios when walking. For example, I'm very cautious about trash and dirty puddle water. And when it comes to meeting unfamiliar dogs, I always err on the side of caution.


If your dog is up for a rigorous walk, so am I! Part of the appeal of this gig is the physical activity. If your dog is more of the slow and steady type, I can keep our walk nice and leisurely. And if I'm ever walking more than one dog at a time, I ensure a good match-up of walking buddies.

Tracking & Photography

My app of choice for managing clients is Walkies. For those interested, they offer a Customer Pet Journal. This allows you to track walks and easily communicate with me. And I often bring my camera, which means you will sometimes get high-quality images free of charge.